build online authority with content

Build Online Authority with Content

Many people get on social media and tell you about the brands they sell for hoping to get attention so they can sell you their products.  Posting 10 times a day about how much money they made or touting their company’s offers.  Following others so they can entice their friends and family’s with promises of extra income.  A more effective way is to build online authority with an authority website.

Why Build Online Authority?

You want to build online authority so you can show yourself as a credible source of information in your niche market.  This will help you quickly build trust with prospects and customers so you can get more leads and make more sales.  It will help you get respect from others in your niche giving you opportunities for strategic partnerships.  It can help you get more traffic and build links to your website and get more online referrals.
People like to buy from those they know like and trust and most brands fall short of their goals on social media.  Using content so people can put a face and name to the content helps you connect to your audience and build relationships.  Your relationships will help you influence your prospects so they buy from you.

To build online authority with your website you need a lot of content so you can drive traffic from multiple channels and create multiple income streams.  Online authority sites are a business that you can build without a physical product and most people build online authority with a blog type site where they sell information.


These sites are popular because they are easy to publish and you can get started for less than $100 without quitting your job.  You can diversify your site for income and traffic to help ensure your success.  This will give you multiple ways to drive traffic to multiple streams of income.  This diversity means your success isn’t dependant on Google, Facebook, or any other channel

How to Build Online Authority

Many people who want to learn how to make money online focus on easy money.  It isn’t quick or easy and you need to develop many skills to build online authority.  If you’re new at creating websites, getting all the skills you need may present a challenge.  You need to create content so you can build online authority.  You’ll need to learn to do some niche research, and writing so you can start a blog in your niche.

 Create Quality Content

Once you’ve done your research you want to create quality content to engage your readers and share your expertise.  You will be using articles, images, videos, podcasts.  Your content may lead your readers to subscribe to your mailing list, click a link, or make a purchase and you want to set clear goals.  You’ll want to learn how to schedule your content development to consistently put out new information.

After creating content you have to learn how to monetize and promote your content.  Promoting your site helps drive traffic through SEO, social media, email marketing, and paid promotions.  Building online authority with your content helps your readers, and clients find you and it sends signals to the search engines that your site is valuable.  This will let you build relationships with others and attract leaders so you can extend your reach.

Trust Building

As you focus on sharing your knowledge and helping others you start to establish your authority.  It’s about building trust and relationships with your audiences.  Using credible sources with established credentials for your online content helps you build trust.  Tell your audience stories of your personal experiences and use convincing reasonable arguments with clear calls to actions so that you can build awareness to you or your brand.

Search engines have been rewarding authority content and you want to define yourself, company, or website so others will repeat it to others.  This will help you build trust and authority and let you get found on the search engines by new prospects.  You become someone who is trustworthy and start gaining influence and people start subscribing and visiting your site.  People start to trust you more and you start becoming a reliable source of information.  It becomes easier for you to grow your business.

Start building your online authority today with original content and your own perspective.  Help others with your well thought out content and share your content on your social media sites so you can build engagement and start building a business instead of just selling a product.


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By:  Moraima Buonafede