Why you should start sales training for your team!

The problem with many multi level marketers are they don’t know how to train their teams.  Often they look at sales training as an added expense but they should look at it as an investment.  As with any investment you want to get a return for the time and money you put into it.  The right sales training will let you see a profitable return.

You can find good sales training material many places on the internet so you can get started.  This allows you to train anywhere you are and lets your team learn from anywhere they are.

“Sales training generates sales. If you want more sales, it’s time to start training.” Grant Cardone

Set Up A Sales Training System

Setting up your sales training system can help you improve your closing rate.  There are many benefits to having a sales training system but the biggest one is the freedom it gives you. It gives you the steps to take a client through the sales process so you can avoid messing up the sale. Having a system helps eliminate the fear of rejection since it isn’t about you, it’s about the  system.  If someone tells you no then your system or promotion is the problem and not you.  Too many nos may mean you need to tweak your process.

While many leaders think their sales training helps, most fail to gather the facts to back up their belief.  In order for you to maximize your ROI you need to measure your efforts.  It’s easy to set up and measure.  You want to find out how much you spend on your training materials.  Once you have that information you want to get each of your sales representatives sales revenue and your total sales numbers.

Once you have all your performance numbers you want to find out how much your sales people know about selling.  This will let you know what they need to work on so you can decide on your training material.  After you train your team you want to find out how much they learned and check their numbers again.


Selling is the most important ability you can have and the most important activity you can do but most people overlook this.  Any business either fails or makes it on their ability to sale their product or service but many new entrepreneurs will tell you I don’t want to sell.  People look on the sales profession with contempt because of hard sales tactics of pushy sales people.

 “All sales professionals in the top 10 percent use a planned presentation. The low money earners, those in the bottom 80 percent of salespeople, simply say whatever comes out of their mouths when they meet with the customer. This is not the path for you.” Brian Tracy

 I was talking to a friend of mine and he said he was surprised that people didn’t use scripts.  He was taught how to sell with scripts then takes one of my products and runs a script for me.  I was amazed at how natural he sounded and asked if he wanted to sell for me.  You have probably gotten one of those phone calls trying to sell you something.  I got one and it was quite obvious that she was reading a script because it sounded that way.  So you are thinking I don’t want to sound like that and you shouldn’t want to.

So why would you want to run a sales script?  Sales scripts let you plan what you are going to say and do beforehand.  Many top sales people make use of sales scripts.  Planning what you’re going to say in advance takes the anxiety away if you are not a natural sales person.

Master Your Craft

“Everything you do in the sales process, from the first contact through to the close of the sales and the delivery of the product or service, has an effect. Nothing is neutral. Everything either helps or hurts. Nothing can be left to chance. It all counts.”  Brian Tracy

Those natural salespeople can capture the attention of the audience.  This gift can sometimes work against them because they lose concentration and end up with no time to make the sale.  Anyone can do what natural born talkers do by using a sales script and can outperform them.  When adding scripts to your sales training you have to practice your scripts.

Your sales training and using scripts will help your naturally gifted team members too.  First you need to practice your scripts and make them your own.  You need to learn every word to where they flow naturally.  Training your sales team can help you increase your sales but not all training is the same.  Different products and different markets require specific tactics to make the sale.

Once you have created your sales training content you can now duplicate your efforts.  If you evaluate a person who is performing poorly put them through your training material; if they still perform poorly after training then don’t waste any more time with them.

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By:  Moraima Buonafede


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